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"Service with faith and fortitude promotes equality and fellowship"
Sri Sai Karunamayi Deva Charitable Trust

Activities & Events

The usual temple rituals of four regular Aarathis at dawn, noon, dusk and night and various Homas (fire sacrifice) and Abhishekas for the welfare of the world are all being regularly carried out in the Temple ever since it was established in 2013.  Meditations and regular readings (paraayana) of scriptures and religious texts and other worships and bhajans (singing of divine songs) beside the observances of religious festivals are all being rigorously followed.

It has been recorded in Shri Sai Satcharita that Shirdi Sai Baba greatly enjoyed and actively promoted various cultural programmes like vocal recitals, Instrumental music and dance programmes. He is reputed to have generously rewarded performers in his Durbar. In conformance with this spirit, this Trust also envisages to encourage and organise programmes that reflect the divine qualities in supreme Human talents and spirits.

Each year since 2013, the Guru Purnima, Vijayadashmi (The day of Baba’s Mahasamadhi), Diwali and even Christmas is being celebrated with great fanfare. Annadaana (mass feeding) for over 1000 devotees are routinely being carried out.  For the past year or two the Ram Navami is also being celebrated.

The organisers were pleasantly surprised with the ease with which these functions would succeed and the number of people who would eagerly volunteer to render various services - like sponsoring the payment for the rental of the venue for the annual December event; sponsoring the quantity of rice needed for mass feeding; entire flower arrangement;  distributing cloth to the needy etc. Eager donors were not necessarily wealthy - in fact some were quite poor. What inspired the members of the Trust was the keen willingness with which people responded. The group was fired with eagerness and sincerity and we earnestly hope that the same sentiments continue to sustain us.