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"Service with faith and fortitude promotes equality and fellowship"
Sri Sai Karunamayi Deva Charitable Trust

History of Sai Baba Temple

The Sai Karunamayi Charitable Trust (R)

Sri Sai Karunamayi Deva Charitable Trust (Regd.) is largely due to the efforts of a devout lady Shantamma, whom her followers affectionately used to call ‘Amma’ who was personally guided by Sai Baba.

The Trust was founded on 20th December 2012 and draws its inspiration from the benevolent actions of Sri Sai Baba and Amma. It has a group of devotees who have been inspired to similarly volunteer for the welfare of Mankind. They have been acting with a view to spiritual elevation both for themselves and the society. What continues to inspire the members of the Trust is the ardent support they have been receiving from the society.  The Trust has the Mission Statement : “Service with Faith and Fortitude promotes equality and fraternity”.

The Sai Baba Temple at Byatarayanapura, Bengaluru

One of the commands Amma received from Sai Baba was to construct a Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and actively engage in social work. It was the experience of those around Amma that many tasks were being accomplished with great ease.

It happened that just South of the Satellite Bus Terminal on Mysore Road, and in the Byatarayanapura area of Bengaluru, a family who had been long time residents of that area, owned a piece of land measuring 109ft x 62ft.  However, one of the owners of the land Sri Bhaskar, in grateful remembrance of his parents, had constructed a visually aesthetic tomb of his deceased parents in expensive equigranular medium grained granite in the premises. The tomb also accommodated the remains of one of his sons who had tragically died in an accident.

This endearing gesture however rendered the land unusable from a commercial and economical angle because prospective entrepreneurs immediately became discouraged when they learnt that the premises contained a tomb.  It was considered terribly inauspicious.  Mr. Bhaskar had also constructed a three-storied building in the hope that the land could be put to some economic use.  But for many years the entire premises lay unused.  Mr. Bhaskar later strongly felt that it could be employed for a benevolent cause and the idea that it could be used to construct a temple slowly started germinating in his mind.  When he started exploring the possibilities of his premises housing a Divinity, everyone seemed to have discounted the possibility and strongly discouraged him because of the presence of the graves within the premises.  Around the same time Sri Bhaskar’s sister Smt. Vijayamma happened to make the acquaintance of  Shanthamma who was prospecting for a suitable land to build a Sai Baba Temple.  One thing led to another and Sri Bhaskar heartily invited Shantamma to consider the land that he owned for a Sai Baba Temple.  Shanthamma, at first was strongly against the proposal.  Sri Bhaskar repeatedly pleaded with her over a period extending over eight months during which he approached her four times with the proposal.. Shanthamma repeatedly visited the premises and finally, one day, Sai Baba is supposed to have given her His acceptance of residing in the premises.  Sri Bhaskar desired that Sri Sai Baba murthy be accommodated in the rectangular hall on the ground floor facing South.  However Baba is supposed to have pointed out another place, which lay in the adjoining vacant premises belonging to Sri Jayaram. Sri Jayaram was also wholeheartedly agreeable to donate the land that he owned for the purpose of constructing a Temple.

On one of the days that Sri Bhaskar and Sri Jayaram together with Smt. Vijayamma visited Amma with the proposal, a whole lot of things materialised in a cloth bag together with a set of Padukas for Sri Bhaskar which was witnessed by many devotees who were also present.

In the month of October 2012, Sai Baba is reported to have roused Shanthamma very early in the morning around 4:30  a.m. and urged her to take more proactive and vigorous steps towards the construction of the temple.  He urged her to accept the proposals of donations by Bhaskar and family. Shri SAI BABA also gave directions of the procedure that had to be followed for the construction of the Temple :

He advised that on a suitable day, starting with a Kaakada Aarthi (early morning Aarthi), the Naam Smaran of Sai Baba had to be done for five hours followed by what is called 'Bhumi Pooja' - the Ground-breaking ceremony.  These two were to be followed by Dhoop (Noon) aarthi and later by a mass feeding of people. Towards this end the date was fixed for November 23rd 2012.  All of these were accordingly accomplished.

AMMA submitted to her GURU her intense fears of raising the required funds of .2.5 crores or more. BABA suggested that the temple would require about 15,000 trimmed dimensional blocks of granite. He advised her to collect 1,116 per blocks from donors for each block.  He called them ‘Moksha Shila’ and that He would assure His protection to the devotees/donors. HE FORETOLD THAT HE WOULD OCCUPY THE TEMPLE SEAT ON VIJAYADASHMI DAY OF 2013.

The construction work commenced only on February 4th 2013 though the Bhoomi Puja was held much earlier.  It is a wonder that the construction was completed by October 2013 and THE TEMPLE was inaugurated on Vijayadashmi day on Sunday, October 13th 2013.

To this day Sri Bhaskar and Sri Jayaram feel that it was solely the good fortune and blessings of their father and mother that won the grace of Sai Baba through the benevolence of Amma.