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Sri Sai Karunamayi Deva Charitable Trust

Commissioning of the Statue

The members of the Trust came to know that the grandson of the sculptor who was commissioned to sculpt the original statue at the Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi happens to be in possession of the original model in clay / plaster of Paris that was used to define the features of the idol at Shirdi. We hence approached him to supply us the murthy of Sai Baba.

There were two offers that he spelt out –

  • A statue carved out of Italian marble
  • A statue carved out of a block of white marble from Vietnam that is referred to as ‘Australian White’ in the market.

The first variety has a very fine grain size and the latter is coarser.  The first variety can host more intricate and finer features than the latter. The cost difference between the two is quite huge, with the former costing almost twice as the latter. A statue in the former was quoted at Rs.46 lakhs and in the latter at Rs.23 lakhs.

The Trust members decided that a statue in Australian White at Rs.23 lakhs be carved for our temple.  Mr Talim, as per his promise, delivered the murthy on time.